Helps Improve…

  • Wrinkles
  • Stretch Marks
  • Scars
  • Acne Scarring
  • Skin Tone
  • Fine Lines
  • Large Pores
  • Discoloration, hyperpigementation
  • Loose Skin

A cosmetic procedure wherein superficial “micro-channels” in the outermost layer of the skin are created, invoking the skin’s natural ability to heal itself.

The full regeneration takes place when the normal tissue architecture is restored.  Pinpoint bleeding indicates perforation of the papillary dermis.  The perforation channels start to heal within minutes of the start of the treatment.  This sets off a cascade of immune and healing responses including:

  • New collagen and elastin formation
  • Angiogensis (the development of new blood vessels)
  • Breakdown of damaged cells and melanin related to aging and hormonal influences
  • Increase in growth factors

The healing process and full regeneration requires 4 to 6 weeks.

What to expect?Please use drop down menu for FAQs

Can you see results after 1 microneedling session?

 The initial skin tightening and pore reduction can be seen soon after treatment. However, it is important to allow 4-6 weeks to see your final microneedling results.

How many sessions will I need?

To get the full benefits of microneedling, we recommend you start with 3 sessions. This way you allow the skin enough time to make real progress with renewing itself and creating more collagen and elastin to give long-lasting results. 

What can I expect after my first microneedling session?

It is normal to experience redness and some skin flaking in the days following the treatment .   Most people can return to wearing regular makeup within 48 hours of treatment.

Can I wash my face after microneedling?

 Your skin is thoroughly cleansed prior to treatment and is finished with a deep moisturizer that is recommended to be left on for several hours, so it is best to wash your face the following day

Can I shower after microneedling?

 It is best to avoid heat, sweating and steaming hot showers or baths for the first 3 days.  That includes saunas, hot tubs, tanning beds or sun tanning.  Tepid water is perfectly fine and keep to quick showers for the first 3 days.

Who should not do microneedling?

Anyone with suspicious lesions, open wounds or using retinoids should not do this treatment.  Also, microneedling cannot be done over active acne, rosacea, keloids or other inflammatory conditions. Your Microneedling Treatment

Price: Single treatment – $150
Package: 4-6 treatments – $120 each