Want to make your natural lashes pop?
Consider a Lash Lift!

Create beautifully lifted lashes with our exceptional Lash Lift system.  Your eyes will look open, bright, and youthful.  Our Lash Lift enhances your eyes significantly and allows you to achieve the perfect curl while maintaining integrity and improving the health of your natural lashes.

A lash lift is a process in which the shape of the hair is restructured to achieve a lifted effect.  Our lash lift and tint system is infused with powerful reparative and nourishing ingredients to strengthen and moisturize your lashes from the inside out, transforming them into healthy lifted lashes that last 6-8 weeks.

A lash lift requires little to no maintenance.  Results can last 6-8 weeks and will wear off gradually, returning lashes naturally to their pre-lifted state.  Depending on the individual’s lash growth cycle, a lash lift can be repeated no earlier than 4-6 weeks post the initial lift.

Why choose Favolosa Beauty for your Lash Lift?

As lash specialists, we have a special affinity for this service for our non-extension wearers and have sourced a revolutionary system to use on our beauties.  Our Lash Lift system is EU (European Union) approved as it meets the strictest safety regulations and is completely safe for your eyes and natural lashes.  Over and above its superior quality, our system is highly moisturizing and nourishing and also includes specific aftercare that ensures the health and longevity of your service.

We take the guesswork out of maintaining that perfect lash lift.  Aftercare is important to maintain those beautiful lashes.  All our clients are provided with the appropriate lash lift-specific aftercare to ensure soft, hydrated, and healthy lashes and lasting results to be enjoyed for several weeks.

It is important to restore moisture and protein levels within the lashes after a lash lift and while oil is usually the recommendation, we do not recommend using oil as the molecules are too large to penetrate deep within the lashes rendering its ability to hydrate suboptimal.

We provide all our clients with a Keratin Lash Conditioner that is specifically designed to be used after a lash lift to restore moisture, protein, and amino acid levels within the lashes.  Our conditioner nourishes the lashes with hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed silk, and soluble collagen ensuring noticeably soft and healthy lashes.

Our Lash Lift system is revolutionary in that it is reparative and nourishing to the natural lashes.  It incorporates powerful amino acids, antioxidants, proteins, and vitamins in addition to the keratin and collagen added in the aftercare.

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Considering a lash lift?

We offer free consultations and are happy to meet with you to discuss any concerns or answer questions.  A lash lift is not recommended for ladies who are pregnant, post-partum, or breastfeeding as they are more sensitive and the shift in hormone levels can cause the lashes to be affected.

Your Lash Lift Treatment and Aftercare

The treatment takes approximately 1 hour.  The treatment is completed with the application of a keratin treatment to be left on the freshly lifted lashes for a minimum of 4 hours allowing the lift to set.  No down time or avoiding water. You’re able to use water on your lashes the same day.

Your aftercare includes a Keratin Lash Conditioner specifically formulated for lash lifts to restore moisture and protein levels in the lashes for healthy and long-lasting results. This highly nourishing keratin conditioner will strengthen and moisturize your lashes making them noticeably softer and healthier while maintaining your beautiful lift results.  It is recommended that you apply this conditioner daily and it will last for the duration of your lift (8 weeks).

Maintenance is super simple.  You are free to use all your regular eye makeup as usual.  While you are allowed to use mascara on your lifted lashes, we recommend you avoid water-proof mascara as it can be unnecessarily dehydrating to the lashes.

So treat your eyes to the perfect curl with out top of the line Lash Lift system and experience the difference of beautiful maintenance-free lashes.  Book your appointement today.

Price: $80 (Keratin Lash Conditioner included)
Session: 1 hour