Shaded Liner

The Shade is a shaded eyeliner technique where the lash line moves into a sleek, soft wing. Shading is added with a fine dusting of pixels onto the eyelids to look like a soft eyeshadow. The heal is soft and smoky but can also be enhanced for a more dramatic shaded look.

Price: $449

Classic Liner

Classic eyeliner is a sophisticated and timeless looking liner, designed to enhance any eye shape. An elegant line is drawn through your lash line and just above your lashes, with an optional baby flick. The heal is a gorgeous eyeliner suitable for an everyday look or a casual evening look.

Price: $379 Upper Liner 
          $99 Lower Liner

The Wing

This is a bold black precision eyeliner and it is ideal for clients who prefer a sharp, liquid liner look. It can be customized to the length, thickness and depth you desire. The healed result is a sleek winged liner.

Price: $419

Lash Enhancement

This is the perfect look for clients who feel less is more. A very subtle liner, perfect for those who want to accentuate their eyes and give the illusion of fuller lashes, with the option of adding a thin, baby flick

Price: $299