Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows giving you a natural and long-lasting alternative to daily makeup application.  This technique creates very fine lines that replicate the look of real hair. A manual tool is used to create hair-like strokes in the skin and then pigment is implanted into these strokes (or new hairs).  This technique is often used to fill in sparse eyebrows, reshape them, or create a more defined look.

When a woman feels good about herself, she is more loving and giving to everyone around her.  I consider myself very fortunate to play a role in giving incredible women the confidence to shine their light.

I am Sally, 3x certified by the industry’s top educators, and I am fortunate to be able to turn my passion for beauty into more self assurance and time freedom for my clients to enjoy everyday.  You can expect a professional, personalized experience that is tailored to you.

My journey as a PMU artist began a short 8 years ago and I love it even more now than when I started.  My years of experience have allowed me to develop my passion and knowledge of the beautiful art of permanent makeup and share my skills with incredible women who started out as clients and are now friends.

With my continuous pursuit of the latest techniques and beauty trends, you can count on me to turn my expertise and attention to detail into gorgeous brows to enhance your natural beauty.

I understand that your brows are unique and I take the time to listen to your preferences to create a customized look that compliments your unique features.  You can trust that I will always provide honest recommendations and deliver the best possible results.

I value the trust my clients place in me and strive to build long-term relationships based on reliability and exceptional service.

I prioritize professionalism and provide a clean, comfortable and welcoming environment.  I am committed to delivering high-quality service and maintaining a high standard of hygiene and safety.

Women do more today than in any other time in history.  It makes it a lot easier to wake up ready!  Happy to see you for a complimentary 30-minute consultation to map out your new brows and answer any questions.

Price: $390

Session: 2 hours

Nano brows

Similar to microblading, nano brows are a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure using nano needle technology.  The key difference is in the tool and the technique used.  Nano brows use a fine needle to create very fine, precise hair-like strokes with a machine.  The term ‘nano’ refers to the extremely fine and detailed work that can be achieved with this technique and it is often the choice for oily skin types that cannot hold microbladed strokes but still desire the look of ‘hair strokes’.  The main difference between nano brows and microblading is that nano brows are created using a small needle and a PMU machine to deposit pigment in the skin where microblading uses a fine blade by hand to create the illusion of hair strokes.  Nano brows is the technique that creates the least amount of trauma to the skin and provides the clients’ with incredible, long-lasting results.

Price: $450

Session: 2 hours

Hybrid Brows

This innovative technique combines machine shading with manual microbladed hair strokes to create a multidimensional looking brow.   Hybrid brows are a great choice for you if you are used to filling in your brows everyday.

Price: $420

Session: 2 hours

Powder Brows

Powder brows are meant to create a diffused powdered look, much like makeup, and it can be as light or as dark as you wish as we build up the colour.  They are also referred to as Ombre Brows, Airbrushed Brows or Stardust Brows.  This technique does not create the look of hair strokes and it is most ideal for clients who have sufficient brow hair but would like to add a base colour for a fuller looking brow.  Rest assured, this technique will not leave you with a solid block tattoo.  On the contrary, your brows will look soft and airy.  This technique is ideal for all skin types.

Price: $420

Session: 2 hours


You are not a candidate for permanent makeup if you are:

Pregnant or breastfeeding

Undergoing chemotherapy or radiation (must wait 6 months after last treatment)

Suffer from dermatitis or psoriasis in the brow area or hairline

Suffer from a viral or bacterial infection

Currently taking accutane (must wait 6 months)

Suffer from a weak immune system that would impede healing

Scheduled for botox and/or filler (should wait 3 weeks after/before injectables)


Call to book today.  A complementary 30-minute consultation is available to answer any questions.